Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers information that we access on and how we use it. 

Personal Information
Personal Information is information that can be that can be used to personally identifies you. A prime example for this is your name. The only Personal Information that we collect is that which you provide when completing a form on our website. Our partners will use this information to contact you and determine whether they can help you complete a settlement annuity payment rights sale to get money for your home down payment. We do not sell or provide Personal Information to anyone.

Non-Personal Information

Non-Personal Information is information that we cannot use to identify you. Examples include information about your computer's operating system, the device category that you use when accessing, and your behavior on

Examples of how we use this information includes trying to understand how people use our site, such as which pages people spend the most time on, the order in which people visit pages, and the city from which a visitor accessed our website.  

3rd Party Tools uses Google Analytics, which uses a cookie to gather information from site visitors, to understand how people use our site. 

Example uses include understanding the number of times a pages has been visited, the city that a visitor accessed us from, and the site that referred a visitor to us. Here is the link to view Google Analytics Privacy Policy. Google Offer a tool that allows you to opt out of data collection by Google Analytics.